Winter is coming!

It’s that time of year again, Summer is officially over (the weather last week was horrendous!) so it’s time to winterize your bikes!

I also realised that so far I’ve yet to post anything about my other bike (my commuter).

It’s a Boardman Hybrid Pro that I’ve upgraded to the full Shimano 105 drivetrain (standard is a mix of FSA cranks and Shimano 105 mechs and cassette).
It uses Shimano Deore M615 brakes with 160mm Ice-Tech rotors and pads.
I’ve installed a pannier rack (no more sweaty back!) for carting my stuff to and from work/wherever and installed mudguards to keep the worst of the weather off the frame.
The tyres are Continentals Grand Prix 4 Season tyres, I bought them after reading a few reviews on decent winter tyres and they came out on top for UK riding, they’re really grippy and quite comfortable even at a high PSI (115 PSI / ~8.0 bar). The real test will be once the temperatures really drop and we see negative figures.

A few weeks ago I did a (nearly) full service on the bike, all bolts were cleaned, regreased and refitted to the correct torque and any frayed cables were replace. I just need to do a proper service on the wheel hub bearings and it’ll be complete for the winter.

Here’s some pics!









Moar Upgrades!


2 x Shimano XT M785 Brakes (front and rear)
1 x Shimano XT M780 Shifter pods (pair)
1 x Shimano i-spec upgrade pack

More pictures to enjoy (and yes, since these were taken I’ve cut down the brake hoses and tidied up the front end)


Cube Stereo upgrades

Hmm, sales. I love this time of year, end of season sales on cycling stuff, so it’s all cheap.

£120 set of Carbon handlebars = £40
60mm Raceface Turbine Stem = £52

And here’s the result


What’s next? Well on Wednesday I’m off to Llandegla in Wales to try out the trails there. I’ve also got a set of Shimano XT brakes and shifters on order (although given the bank holiday weekend it’s unlikely they’ll be here before Thursday).

All in all, a good week.

Upcoming Network Maintenance

I just received this email from my server host.

As you may be aware from recent news coverage the size of the IPv4 routing table exceeded 512,000 routes this week. This caused widespread disruption to many users, businesses and other ISP’s.

In preparation for the continued growth of the global routing table we are performing some emergency maintenance on our network. This involves us performing some upgrades and changes which may cause some disruption to services but is important to ensure services continue to operate normally.

For those customers with diverse connectivity to our network there will be no extended downtime, however you may see sub-optimal routing for a few minutes as our network reconverges. For those customers with a single connection into our network services will be disrupted whilst this work is ongoing.

We will be performing upgrades across our network within the maintenance window below. We expect no router to be unavailable for any more than 30 minutes, however in most cases we would expect services to return quicker than this.

Start: Tuesday 26th August 2014 22:00 BST
Finish: Wednesday 27th August 2014 04:00 BST

As a shared co-lo customer iZ’s server only have a single connection, so expect to see some downtime during the dates/times given.

New Bike!

As the saying goes “Life is short, so buy the damn bicycle” or something to that effect. Therefore I bought a new bike.


It’s a Cube Stereo 140 HPC Pro 29. It’s a 29″ 140mm travel full-suspension bike and it’s really very pretty. It uses Fox suspension front and back and has a full Shimano Drivetrain (SLX/XT mix) with a rear clutch mech (minimise chain slap and dropped chains).

For a full spec list check out the official Cube site (HERE)

I’ve not yet managed to take it out on any real trails but I’m off to Snowdonia in Wales next week so will be able to give it a proper go then.

Here’s some more pictures:


Damn you Citrix

So there I was about to create a Minecraft server when I noticed my Server 2008 R2 VM won’t use more than 4 cores (of the 8 available).

Turns out the free version of Citrix XenServer restricts CPU cores to appear as dedicated CPUs and the option to change that is only available to paying customers.

Sigh, I’ll have to install Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition to get around that.

Damn you Citrix.

Divided by Zero

A new look, a new direction and this won’t be one of those small direction changes where I decide to play a new game, this will be big. For a long time gaming has taken a back seat to my myriad other interests. Coding, website design and lately cycling.

So, what does that mean for InfinityZero? Well as you can already tell on the surface it means a new look (hello again WordPress), rather than stick to my signature dark themes I’ve gone for a fresh modern light theme with the signature iZ highlights.

The forums have been split off from the main site and will exist as a separate entity and keep the dark style (although flattened to keep with the new front end style). You’ll also notice the first major logo change in the past few years, gone are the bold grey letters with red highlights replaced with a simple clean font for the title.

Moving on to the content of the site, well to start with it’s all the same. I’ve just imported it across from the old site, however the changes will come in the future. I’ll be treating this much more like my own personal blog, so expect to see posts about everything from site and server news (as before) to my latest gadgets and mobile devices and on to my latest cycling exploits and purchases (expect to see videos of me chucking myself down hills on small two-wheeled pieces of metal in the near future).

Before you ask, yes, all the voice servers will continue on as they were, you may have to prod me if they need updating though.

-The Absent Admin